GitHub triggers return a 500 error "Not found"

I am using a self-hosted n8n instance on a server, and everything seems to be working fine. The server has an authentication SSO interstitial page, so a webhook from the outside is probably not going to be able to contact n8n unless I whitelist it first.

I created the GitHub app and added a token as well. However, no matter how I try to create a trigger, I can’t get it working. If I add a trigger, enter my repo/user name and press “run node”, I get an error 500 (not 404):

Problem running workflow

There was a problem running the workflow:
The resource you are requesting could not be found

Github Trigger: Not Found

What have I done wrong?

Welcome to the community @Stavros!

My first assumption would be that you do not have the required permission. Are you an owner of the repository you want to “listen” to?

Thanks @jan! Yes I am, I can see all the settings in the repo, etc. Is there a debug log that I can check for more info?

Oh actually, I am, but I used a service account for this, now that you mention it, which may very well not be an owner. I will investigate, thanks!

Sure. The easiest way to check if that is the actual problem would be to test with another repository of which you are the owner for sure. If you then listen for example for stars, you can test very fast and easily if that works there.

That was the issue, thank you :frowning: Such a silly problem.

Think is actually more on GitHub. They could really return a more helpful error. At least a 403.