Google cloud (Google sheets)

Please help I have an issue when conecting the google sheets with my workflow. When am creating the credentials I keep on getting the following error: The attempted action failed, please try again.

Request ID: 15461594984163015517

Hey @Anga_Matsuluka,

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Are you using n8n cloud or self hosted / Desktop? The error could be a few different things but to start knowing how you have n8n running is probably the most important part.

If it is self hosted screenshots of what you have setup could be helpful as well along with a screenshot of the error so we can see what part of the authentication flow is showing it. Just don’t forget to hide anything sensitive like passwords or API keys / secrets.

Thank you so much for reaching out, I was able to solve the issue. The problem now is when I am trying to creating the spreadsheet, am not getting any data

Hey @Anga_Matsuluka,

Is that creating a document or adding a sheet to an existing document?

I am getting data from an API request, store that data in an object and now I wanna take that data from that object and populate it on a spreadsheet

Inside the Sheets node what field has the error?

Hey @Anga_Matsuluka,

That looks like the sheet ID is not correct, It is normally a mix of numbers and letters or just numbers. Try changing it to By Name and see if that shows the options.

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