Google sheets append not working


I am new to n8n. So far I love it, however I can’t seem to get the append function to work in google sheets. The read function works fine, but writing seems to be an issue. I have looked at videos and it just isn’t working for me.

The authentication I’m using is service account and not Oauth2, is that the issue? If not, any help would be appreciated.

Also when I run the append node, google sheets is saying “Last edit was seconds ago” but I don’t see any update?


Welcome to the community @Tomas_Wooller-Bailey!

The first two things that come to my mind would be:

  1. Does the data you “send” into the node have keys with the same name as the columns in the Sheet?
  2. It always appends the data after the last totally empty row. So if there is somewhere a row anywhere with some data it appends the data after that one. So it maybe gets appended but you simply do not see it as it is so far down.