Google sheets - append works? but does not append anything

I have been struggling to make this work. In another workflow, I am able to make the ‘Create or Update work’ but not the append. Here goes:

For the sake of simplicity, here are the last two nodes in the workflow in :one:. As you can see it seems to have worked! (see :two:) But the data did not show up in the google sheet

My google sheet has the column names appear in the exact same order :three: (you can see part of the header row), and with the same labels (column names)

I would appreciate any help or pointers to help me fix this

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Hi @sunnym, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

In a first step, you might want to upgrade to a more recent version of n8n and add a fresh Google Sheets node to your workflow. The node got an upgrade recently and should be a bit simpler to use now.

That said, your existing workflow logic using the old version of the node still looks good to me. Can you try if you are also having problems with a brand-new Google sheet document to which you add a type and direction column?

If this works with a new sheet (but not your existing sheet), it could be a simple case of left over data somewhere in your sheet, causing n8n to try and append somewhere beyond that data.

If that’s not it, could you create an example sheet and workflow using which the problem can be reproduced?

Hi @MutedJam : Yes, this was it. Thank you so much for your help and the detailed explanation.

I had kept my version lagging by 2 to avoid any undiscovered issues. This new node is really good and makes the whole process very intuitive.

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Oh nice, glad to hear this is now working, thanks so much for confirming!

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