Google Sheets Error


When I try to run a workflow using just the Google Sheets node, I’m getting this error:
“Workflow execution process did crash for an unknown reason!”

I successfully ran this same workflow about a month ago. I went in this morning to change the Google Sheet it was reading (which I’ve done before with no problem), but now it’s giving me this error. I checked the API/credentials and it works fine. I also tried the Google Drive node and that is working - just Google Sheets is giving me this error.


@mbkaplan3 can you please share the workflow or let me know the resource/operation that is giving you the error, so that I can have a proper look at it. Thanks for letting us know.

I’ve uploaded the screenshot of it here. When I hit “Execute Workflow” or try to just execute either of the Google Sheets nodes individually, it gives me the error in the bottom right.

I just checked. Upgrading n8n to the latest version (0.88.1) fixed that issue for me.

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