Google Sheets node error? 400?

Hi, I am getting the a 400 error on the sheets now. I am using Auth (1 click to gsuite authentication)

400 - {"error":{"code":400,"message":"Request contains an invalid argument.","status":"INVALID_ARGUMENT"}}

Hey @Vinn!

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I just tested the with signing in, and it works for me. Can you share some more details?

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Thanks for the message.

This is what it looks like

The issue seems to be with the value you’re passing in the Range field. Can you try A:A or A:B?

I want to read eveything in column A.

But when I change it, it still gives me the same error.

Hey @Vinn!

I tested it again, this time with the range A:A and it works for me.

Can you check the Spreadsheet ID? Maybe that isn’t correct.

Here’s the test spreadsheet that I’m using: Test - Google Tabellen
Spreadsheet ID: 17eLp4oORoQlG2yNKbvbs_mgkyuoV8Bj0umYBPOI5_2Y