Google Sheets node - "Lookup" operation - Add multiple filters

Hey community,

Does anyone know if it is possible to use a “lookup” Google Sheet node with two or more criteria?

For example, if I want to retrieve all the rows that satisfy the condition:

the columns “status” is equal to “OK” AND the columns “company” is not empty

So far I couldn’t do it with just one node. So, I have a Google Sheets lookup node that retrieves all rows where the columns “status” is “OK” and the output rows serve as the input for a “Function” node that looks like this

return items.filter(

  item => {

  return != "";



It works just fine, but being used to Integromat, that’s something I can deal with in one node only.

Welcome to the community @Alban_Leandri

That is sadly not currently possible. I see how it can be really helpful. You can make a feature request here in the community.

For future reference, the endpoint below should allow that.