Google Sheets : Update or add data in a specific cell


I have data in a google sheets (column A to W) : name, firstname, phone…

I want to create person in Pipedrive with those data ; i get an URLid for each person created

Then i want to add this URLid from Pipedrive into google sheet file in the column X

My idea was to paste data in Range : Feuille1!X:X

That does not sem to work or data are added at the end of sheets : last raw of my list.

What am i doing wrong ?

I did not manage to use “Update” fonction in the node neither.

Thanks for your help !


n8n Version = 0.158.0

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Hi @damienOp, the Update operation would require a key to identify which row to update. Both the Google sheet to update and the item in n8n would need to have same field names/column headers.

Let’s imagine we have a sheet like this:

No let’s assume we want to replace William with James in this sheet. We would need an n8n item with two fields:

  • My ID with a value of 894
  • Name with a value of James

Now the Sheet can be updated as expected by putting our column name My ID in the Key field of the Google Sheets node:

This is the result:

Is that what you had in mind?

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It doesn’t work. I followed all the steps and executes them successfully, but nothing updates in Google Sheets. Create and append work perfectly though.