Google tasks update node troublwe


I have been having issues with the Google Tasks node, but only the Update call. I have given all Google task permissions from the oauth screen on the Cloud backend and used said oauth screen to give permission to n8n for all access to my tasklist. Every other google task node works, including creating new tasks and retrieving a list of all existing tasks. But when it tries to update a task, I get a 403 error every time.

ERROR: Forbidden - perhaps check your credentials?

The caller does not have permission

This is part of a complex flow I made for a two-way sync Airtable with Google Tasks. The rest of the flow has no issues, and the same bug occurs even on this stripped down version shared below. This includes only the branches that deal with updating an existing task.

  • n8n version 0.182.0
  • Running via Heroku

Hi @gert, welcome to the community! I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

Can you confirm the JSON data returned by your Wait node when running into this problem? Or in other words, the data you’re trying to send to Google Tasks? You can of course redact anything confidential but please do not change the data structure itself.

This hopefully helps with reproducing the problem. Thank you!

Wow. Well, the formatting was fine, but it turns out the problem was the fact that the notes field from Airtable had parentheses in it, which would obviously mess with the hook. So I added a text replace script to remove those and it worked.

I guess I would have anticipated a different error message from Google if there was an error like that! Permission denied seems odd.

Regardless, I wouldn’t have noticed that if you hadn’t made me look closer at the data. Thank you!