HelpScout create conversation with tags - problem

Hello, I’m experiencing some trouble using the HelpScout create conversation node. I’m using the hosted N8N cloud so can’t really modify the source to test my own changes, so hoping someone can help me out on here.

There are a few issues using the “Tags” additional field on this node.

  1. If I use the built in “multi option” dropdown field, it pulls down the tag labels and their ID’s from my account, but when it sends the data to Helpscout it sends the ID rather than the label - which results in HS creating a tag with the numeric ID of the tag I wanted to apply - N8N should send the tag label of the tag rather than it’s ID. (docs available here…

  2. In my workflow I actually want to define the array of tags I want to send based on some logic I have, so I want to send… ["tag1, “tag2”] to HS API … which I have set through an expression, but whatever I try I get back an error response, most likely a JSON error from HS… I can’t work out what my expression text should be to get it sent correctly to their API. it’s really difficult to debug this through the UI without any API logs… this is probably user error as I don’t know how to correctly create this array in an expression. Some help would be appreciated!


@Ross welcome to the community.

I’m checking.

@Ross got fixed. we will let you know when is released.

In the meantime you can set the tags manually using expressions. For example: {{['tag1', 'tag2']}}

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@RicardoE105 thanks for the quick response! I appreciate you looking in to it.

I’ll give that syntax a try.

FYI I managed to get the tag array sent, thanks!

When I look back in the execution view, the workflow executed correctly but I see this error message on the field, maybe this will be resolved with your other fix, but just letting you know. Thanks!

Got released with [email protected]