Multiple Tags Input Field Node

On the development feature is there any kind of this field which that field receives multiple values that were fetched form the main service node but if this didn’t exists yet I can type the value like a new one that will be created in the service.

Exemple. In Mautic node at the Tags Input Field, n8n retrieves all tags available in mautic, but in some times is necessary to create new tag, but to achieve it in n8n I have first to create in mautic after come back to n8n to service fetch from mautic the new tag. I realize that If send a new tag through api, and it not exists in mautic, it will be created. So I could type my new tag directly in n8n and the request will will create at Mautic.

You can do that with an expression. In the tag fields do {{['tag1', 'tag2']}}

Thanks @RicardoE105, I didn’t think in that possibility.

But if we could do it by the UI would be nice too. Maybe in the future create this new type field for inputs.

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Of course. Yes, I agree. That would be a great addition.