Hide Disabled Workflows

The idea is:

Enable a filter to show/hide disabled workflows when going to the Workflow > Open menu

My use case:

We have around 200 workflows, but a lot are for testing and are disabled. Sometimes it can be hard to find workflows when we have so many of them.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Being able to conditionally hide workflows as needed would make it quicker to find a workflow that is active

Here’s a mock up that I made:
Hide Disabled Workflows Demo


Hi @jhambach

Good idea, it would indeed be helpful to have some more filter options, like this one. :slight_smile:
However, this would not consider workflows that are not active but are used as sub workflows.

I usually simply use the tag functionality to make sure I can find workflows easily later.
If you are not using that already, maybe something to look into.


Hi @BramKn,

Appreciate the response, and yes I use that but just thought in a moment when doing an audit of my workflows that it would be a small qol addition. Thank you!

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