How (is it possible?) to duplicate n8n workflows using n8n workflows?

I have 6 different workflows that each support functions in a tech stack of mine.

I would like to have a workflow/s that -

  1. Duplicate each of the 6
  2. Creates a new webhook for each of the 6 (each flow is triggered by a webhook)
  3. Updates access credentials for the nodes that require them
  4. Renames the new work flows.

The flow/s that do the duplication would likely be triggered by a webhook.

Before diving into the minutia of each flow that needs duplicating I am keen to know if this is even possible with n8n?

Hey @Robm,

You can use the n8n node to get a workflow and create a new workflow based on that workflow so in theory it sounds possible. The tricky bit might be updating the credentials but you can use the API to create new credentials then do some magic in the json to update the workflow.

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