How to create spreadsheet with header row (the return)

Hi everyone,

A solution for this question has been proposed by @jay.singh in this thread : How to create spreadsheet with header row

However, I am using n8n cloud so if I’m not wrong it’s not possible to install custom private nodes. When I paste the nodes of the process that jay.singh created (see URL above) into n8n cloud it says that those are private nodes.

Does anyone has a solution with a n8n cloud instance ?

Thanks to all

Hi @rovisal, the functionality to write arbitrary data into a sheet with no existing headers is unfortunately no longer available in the Google Sheets node since its last overhaul in an attempt to simplify it. I too miss it :frowning:

But perhaps you want to check out this workflow instead? In this example I am writing a value in a random cell. You could adjust this workflow slightly to first create an empty spreadsheet (this should still work with the current Google Sheets node), then write in A1 (or wherever you need your header) after creating a new spreadsheet.

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