How to distribute the launch workflows in time


I have many workflows for reading RSS and process them. All of them starts by Interval node. And interval is 5 minuts for all. When I starts workfows at different time - everything is OK. But when I restart n8n or reboot server and all workflows starts at the same time, all workflows can not finished and get status in Workflow Executions as “unknown”.

How to make workflows run for first time sequentially? Not at the same time.


Hey @pamir75, welcome to the community :tada:

As for the root cause, it might be worth taking a look at your server logs (assuming you are hosting n8n yourself) to see why your workflow executions might crash.

If you simply want to avoid the error, I’d suggest using a Cron node instead of the Interval node. With the Interval node all workflows would run (more or less at the same time) if they are activated at the same time (which would be the case after restarting n8n).

With the Cron node you can spread out the execution a bit more when using the node’s “Custom” mode:

This let’s you use a cron expression at which your workflow starts (a website like - The cron schedule expression editor can help you building the right one). This way you can have one workflow run at minutes 0,10,20,30,40,50, the next workflow at minutes 1,11,21,31,41,51 and so on, avoiding a large number of workflows running at the same time.