How to edit meta of a markdown

I’ll try to dump the big picture of my project here

1. Writing a Blog

  • I edit a Hugo blog with Wowchemy which I write with Obsidian and synchronized with Nextcloud Notes.
    That allows me to quickly save notes via my phone and retrieve them later on my laptop under Obsidian, which is my Writing App.

2. Publishing a Blog

  • The publication process is with GitHub and the git command
    one day; when I will be n8n older; I would like to automate it with n8n like committing directly from the nextcloud directory.

3. Optimizing a Blog

  • With Obsidian I added ChatGPT and I generate text which I cut and paste in the frontmatter part of markdown file
  • 🏷 Page Features | Wowchemy
    it is mostly for summary: but I think if you could help to figure one, I’ll figure the rest.

Describe the problem/error/question

I’m able to retrieve the markdown file from GitHub and contextually generate a summary from OpenAI, but unable to put both together

  1. I’m unable to interact with the content of the markdown
  2. I don’t understand how to update/inject data in it

PS don’t hesitate to ask me question; I don’t even know if I make sense :wink:

Hi @JOduMonT, I am not sure where exactly in your markdown document you want to inject the additional text (or how your documents are structured). Do you simply want to add a line saying summary: ... to your document at a given line?

This could be done like so, for example (assuming you are working with markdown files):

The main part here is the code node. It splits up your existing text into individual lines and then injects your new summary line at the defined position.

Afterwards, the workflow creates a new markdown file with the result.





Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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As usual Thank to you :slight_smile:
I’ll give a try to your workflow within the next month (I’m in spring break mode now)

But already it teach me 1 thing: I definitely need to think and design more steps in my workflows.

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