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I have a HTTP node from which I’m making some HTTP requests.
The requests that I am doing are links that are redirected then.
When I access the target page, I’d like to know the end URL that I accessed.
Is there a way to obtain this information ?
I tried adding response headers but it doesn’t help, I don’t see how to get this information.

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  • **n8n version: 1.3.1
  • **Running n8n via desktop app
  • **Operating system: Debian buster

Hi @bob, welcome to the community!

Do you have an example URL redirecting you so I can take a closer look at which information is available?

@MutedJam I have a similar question, am trying to achieve the same workflow.

I have a URL, which is redirecting to a different URL. I have an HTTP request, which has the Follow Redirects set to On.

An example would be this URL: http://trace.affiliateedge . com/visit/?bta=36111&brand=cwcusd
which is pointing to https://www.clubworldcasinos . com/create-account?btag=36111_409074

I would like to save the URL to which it’s being redirected to (i.e. the 2nd URL)

Hi @Pha_Prod, a while back I’ve built this example workflow. It should still work and will fetch all steps in a redirect chain (provided the redirect is implemented through the respective HTTP header).

For your example URL it would return the following results:

Is this what you had in mind?

Oh wow, this is amazing and EXACTLY what I was looking for (and the OP as well, I think).


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