HTTP request failing

Hello people, how are you?

I’m running a node, where I receive objects through a webhook, after that I segment each object and send each one to an HTTP request, but it’s stopping at the request, where I can’t see which one it’s stopping at.

Would there be any way to discard the object that gave error and execute the others?

May you provide more details? such as what is the error saying double click on the http node to see the error on the right side of the popping up window? and if you are on the browser the n8n logging information about each node in console tab of the browser press F12 to open the console tab!
try to test your api manually by using Postman or any similar software

I’m sending these items for each HTTP request, so my question is, it’s returning this error, I would like to know if I could ignore the error and execute the other requests.

did you figure out a solution to your problem?

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