Http request reference

Hello, I need help getting some sort of reference after a webhook POST.

I have a flow where I have a list of items in json format. A POST is sent for every one of them…This works just right, but now I need to execute a second request if the first one was successful, but I have no idea how to accomplish that, because the first request module returns the http response but there is no reference of the posted data.

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Hey @Lucho, welcome to the community :tada:

Sounds like you might you need the Merge node’s Merge By Index mode. This would allow you to merge the input and the output item into a single item.

Here’s a quick example workflow showing the idea (you can copy it right into your n8n canvas):

Example Workflow

You can see the input data looks like so:

Whereas the data returned by the HTTP Request node looks like this:

Following the Merge node, both items are merged together like so:

Yes! that’s exactly what i needed!


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