I can't stop any workflows using n8n.cloud

Hi - I am using n8n.cloud [email protected] and none of my workflows will stop when I click the stop button.

It gives me a “Problem Stopping Workflow” error…

That is normally a sign that the workflows do not actually run anymore and can not be stopped for that reason. What is the status in the Execution List of that workflows? Is there something special happening in them? Like processing a lot of data?

They are still running and status shows… But, yes, processing 100+ items in a SplitInBatches loop running through 1 at a time doing an HTTP Request with each loop with a 1 second wait between each loop.

Not sure if it helps but I found on my test environment that if I use a split in batches node I can’t cancel the workflow either.

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Thank you… perhaps a moderator @jan can comment if this issue is a bug?

Hi @The_Leading_Practice, let me double-check this with the team and get back to you. From testing a very simple workflow both on my local instance and a cloud instance the behavior does indeed seem different.

We could identify that there is an issue with canceling workflows in combination with running n8n in “main” mode. The issue got fixed and will be released with the next version. I will update here once it is available.


Thanks! I updated to the latest version and it’s already working as expected.

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Glad to hear. Have fun!

Got released with [email protected]

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