I'm trying to get the token of Akeneo's API

Hi, im trying to get the token and i know that i need to make a POST request to this URL

I need to send the variables client id, secret, username and password. This request will generate a access token.
My configuration from oauth2 Credentials:

This not work for me!


Is it not just a case of adding a HTTP Request node to your work flow then setting the OAuth 2 API option for credentials and setting the request method to post? I have not played with Akeneo but this is probably the first thing I would try just to see what happens.

You’re right, i’m trying this.

I’m so noob, i’m trying to connect to a Virtual Machine.

hi, you can’t use n8n oath2 mecanism

Not because I have akeneo installed in a virtual machine and I access it from the internal network.
All I need is to mount Akeneo inside a server and not locally.

Hey @victormiranda, I wanted to check in and see if we can close this topic. Is it safe to link this topic: Http request : is there hidden HEADERS parameters? here for the solution?

Yes, the solution is there. Following the discussion you get to it.

Thanks, @victormiranda!

To anyone who is facing a similar issue, you can find the solution here - Http request : is there hidden HEADERS parameters?