IMAP Not Returning Data When Workflow Active

I have an IMAP set up that when manually triggered it will find the emails and pull in the data. However, when I set the whole workflow active the IMAP triggers but will come back with no data. Even when there are new emails landing in the inbox. Below are screenshots of manually triggered with data and actively triggered with no data.
Does anyone know why this might be happening or some solutions?

Manual Triggering

Active/Automatic Triggering

IMAP Settings

I am on version: 0.210.2

Hi @Stiehla, I am so sorry for this. I have not seen this before. Can you confirm which email provider exactly you are using?

Maybe @Jon has any idea on this one (the poor guy spent a lot of time on this node a while back)?

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I am using Namecheap’s email provider through Namecheap’s hosting. I think it is call Roundcube open source email.

I am sadly not totally surprised. In the end, do you have then two separate parallel connections to the IMAP server, and I do not know how it then behaves. But sounds like, from what you are reporting, potentially not in the fashion you or we hoped it would.

Sadly do not know if there is an easy fix. Best case, there is a setting we can change. Worst case, two parallel ones do not work, and n8n would have to cut the production one to make it work temporarily. That is, however, sadly nothing n8n supports right now. Meaning could turn out that the only things you could do are:

  • Disable the workflow while you are working on it
  • Use a separate account for development

Sorry, sadly not the final solution but at least a start. Somebody else from the team would have to do some more digging.

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Im not sure I fully understand about the parallel reference.
I only have this IMAP in 1 workflow. It is disabled when I trigger it manually and then set active when I am done with the testing/development.

Are you able to expand a bit more on what you are meaning please? :slight_smile:

Ah sorry, then I understood it wrong.

So you are saying that you get data when you have the workflow running manually, but if you:

  • activate it and run it in production
  • then a run triggers because of a new email
  • you open the past execution
  • you open the trigger node

then there is no data?

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yes, that is correct :slight_smile:

Hey @Stiehla,

Out of interest are you using the standard n8n image or is it a custom one?

It would maybe start by checking the log output to see if there is anything there but I can’t think of why there is no output, Are the emails being marked as read at all?

I would probably suggest turning off the always output data option as shouldn’t really do anything for a trigger node.

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