Improve WordPress node for Custom Post Type (not just Articles)

It will be super good and it is a basic feature to have as a settings : the post type of the post (article or something else)
and link custom fields from ACF or Metabox

As a pro WordPress dev, I can garanty you that it is basic feature

For example, when we develop Website, we often have custom post type for example testimonials, cars (if it is a car shop), or members…etc.
Today, we can only create or update posts that are Articles.

I can help and contribute as a JS developper junior.

Hey @joffreypersia,

Oddly enough we have a PR for this sort of thing that kind of does part of what you are after as long as the custom fields are exposed to the API route in Wordpress which can be template specific.

It is currently in my list of things to finish reviewing so I will try and get it finished soon.