Improved UI Workflow

Feel free to merge this into another topic if it already exists. But really like to see a UI improvement for Workflows. There just a lot of quality-of-life stuff that makes this program a bear to use.

  • Default page when you enter environment should be workflow management window.
  • Template tab generally isn’t important enough that it should be the main load up window. Should just be a button in the workflow management window for “New Workflow” then could guide you through a template experience. Like create from scratch or use template.
  • Better workflow management window.
    • Should just be full screen, not this little window. It seems alot of windows open up into a sub smaller window. Vs loading up into the browser full window pan.
  • Sort or filter workflow by Creator, Status
  • Eventually be nice to organize workflows into folders or groups. Tags kind of help with this, but not at the same time.
  • Fix workflow from randomly vanishing. Sometimes ill open a workflow and its completely gone. (Best way I’ve been able to recover is to go to Executions and copy most recent one. Thank God you can copy Executions. Or I would of left this platform a long time ago.)
  • Workflow editor should just be reamped so in edit mode there some sort of tabs at the top like “Editor, Settings, Executions and Audits”
    • Editor is the design window were familar with.
    • Settings - could be the normal settings stuff vs buried in the menu bar.
    • Executions - could be a table where its already filtered to the current workflow executions and there better filtering options. Right now working with executions is almost impossible. It also be nice if executions had some sort of preview of the first step and its output or results. Similar to what Zapier does. Vs. Manually going into every log to view it.
    • Audits could be change logs of each time it edit, who edited it, etc. Revert revisions. etc.

Be glad to help in anyways over design concepts or ways this could work. See alot of potential in this program. There are parts about it i already love way better then Zapier and other programs. But the UI needs some fixing up.

Hey @jsdanie1,

Thnaks for the feedback, I am sure @maxT will be looking over this to see if there is anything he has already been working on :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @jsdanie1 - looking at your list is very helpful and I’m happy to say that basically everything on your list is either in progress, designed and in backlog, or on roadmap (some in immediate, others on more midterm) :slight_smile:

To give you some context, we have been focusing on the core workflow experience a lot lately - since nailing that is really important. In other words, if users don’t want to build a workflow in n8n, managing those workflows isn’t really relevant etc etc.

I do want to thank you for this message however as it’s a great insight and validator of what we’re currently working on and planning to work on.

Happy to hear there are parts you like more than Zapier, all I can say is watch this space; update your n8n regularly and you’ll be seeing quite a lot of improvements (incl. ones on your list) over the next year.