Installing on Firebase server


I am ready to try N8N out for my org, but I cannot seem to find instructions on how to host it myself, just how to try it on my machine.

Could somebody point me to some docs about this?

Thank you!

I am very sorry but Firebase is sadly not supported. There was a discussion about it some time ago here:

Btw. for hosting on a generic host I would advise using Docker compose. That’s the easiest and fastest. You can find some information about it here:

Hey! Thanks for the prompt response.

In the same conversation, we discuss the possibility of installing it using cloud functions (where you can do express, graphql and a myriad of things), and from what krumholz said,

@gorkamolero Yeah, I believe this would actually work as a Cloud Function. I did some research and did find a project that wrapped Cloud Firestore in an orm. Integrating that wrapper could be a start.

Any pointers to how to host it without docker? I could probably take it from there

If I understand correctly is Cloud Function serverless and so similar to Lambda or not? In that case, it would not work as n8n has to always be active because else the most triggers would not work.

It is something like that, but from what I understand, it is always active (otherwise, you couldn’t host an expressjs server there?)

Express does not care if it is active or not at the time the request gets received.

So what happens is that the Node.js application (which uses expresses) would be down and only gets started once a request got received. It then processes the request and then gets stopped again.

I see.

I’m CTO to a no-code or at least little-code organization. We have some React+Firebase setup but that’s it at most.

I’m guessing that could be a normal use case to use N8N, I will have to wait for the hosted version, right? Are there plans on that?


Yes is honestly currently a little bit stupid. I tried my best to make n8n usable for none coders but now many can not use it because they can not code :wink:

I am working on the hosted version to change that situation soon. For now can you please send me an email to [email protected] I can then see what I can do.

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