Integration for Espocrm

This project is amazing I have no choice but to share it and make the promotions with my contacts Congratulations my friends.

I have a request to make my dear friends
Can you do the integration of EspoCrm please

Is it possible to achieve this?


Hey @Max, welcome to the community.

I’m developing a couple of nodes and then I’m gonna look into it. Could you please explain the use case you are looking for?


Hi Ricardo thanks for the quick anwser

Ok no prob he will be verry nice if you can do it all if it is not possible just tell me what you would be able to do thank you

Add account
Delete account
Create User
Delete user
Create Ticket
Delete Ticket
Add document
Delete document
Create a task

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@Max Perfect, I will let you know as soon as I start working on it. Thanks for the info.

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Working on this @Max

Hey @max I found all the resources you mentioned but tickets. Are you sure is called tickets?

@RicardoE105 As far as I know, it’s called ‘cases’ in EspoCRM instead of tickets.

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