Is it possible to make linked/mirrored workflows. i.e. when I make a change in one workflow, the change happens across all linked/mirrored workflows?

So I’ve got client 1, client 2, client 3. They all use the same automation -

123000456 - Client 1
123000456 - Client 2
123000456 - Client 3

But I want to add a new node for all of them, or I remove one, or I change some certain settings.

Is it possible to do that across all of them? Asking for use cases where I might have 100 clients or something.

Hi @ChristianO_O :wave: It sounds like you’re looking for the ability to change nodes across multiple workflows at once, if I’m not way off base?

There wouldn’t be a way to do that at the moment, but you may be able to structure this in a different way :slight_smile: What you could do is have a parent workflow that runs for all your clients, and that parent workflow can call a sub-workflow as needed :+1:

That’s true. I’ll have to explore that a bit.

I’m doing quite a bit with set nodes, but it would be amazing if you could have a master automation and lock certain nodes, or certain parts of nodes.

Would be an interesting use case on deploying for multiple clients, over and over.

Also, if you could lock nodes (so to speak), and then you could build automations where clients could see the gist, but not actually click into it. Just see it from a high level and not be able to export it.

Anyways, just riffing here. I’m no n8n guru, so my pre-apologies if any of this stuff is already possible. :slight_smile:

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