Is it possible to save current workflow in one of the node?

I want to create a node that sends to my server/AWS whatever, the JSON of my current workflow, is it possible?

Hey @Asaf_Shay,

Like a backup system? There are a few examples of how to call the undocumented internal API to get the JSON of the workflows ( you can also use the command line tools to export workflows (CLI commands for n8n | Docs)

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Thanks, basically I want to be able to export the workflow from iframe or HTML, and load him again next time (I don’t want to use the “save” workflow) and I want to be able to determine if user could edit the workflow or just watch him

Is this the same as the other question you asked when you wanted to display it an iframe?

You don’t need to save the workflow just export your existing workflow and save save json somewhere so you can load it or use a webhook to call the internal API to return it.

The user wouldn’t be able to edit the workflow with just the json unless you made an import process as well.