Issue in Active Campaign or n8n Node?

As you can see in the below screenshot I’m trying to add the Tag id “3” to the Contact “5”


It’s executing well.

But the problem is Inside Active Campaign it’s adding wrong Tag (based on ID)

Means. Instead of 3rd ID in the list. It’s adding the 1st One from the Tag List.

It is adding the tag with the ID 3 which does not have anything to do with the index where the tag appears in the list.

I’m not getting it. Are you saying no matter where the ID is present in the list. It’s adding based on the ID of the tag?

P.S: I can’t see Tag ID anywhere inside ActiveCampaign.

Yes exactly. If it does not display the ID anywhere in ActiveCampaign you can use n8n to find it. Set Resource to “Tag” and “Operation” to “Get All”. It should then return all that exist with their IDs.

WIth the just released [email protected] it is now possible to select the tags via a dropdown.

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So no more hassle to search for tag id and input again?

Theoretically not.

Let me check in the morning. I’m not understanding in half of the sleep :sleeping::joy:

Hi @jan Just now I updated n8n to the latest version. And this is amazing.

Can’t we choose multiple tag in same node?


Example using Automizy:


We are following here the API. ActiveCampaign allows to add one Tag at a time and Automizy multiple ones. We could abstract that away and do multiple calls underneath the hood. That would however be a breaking change and will for that reason not be made right now.

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Oh. Okay @jan Thanks for implementing the current thing. It’ll be very helpful in this scenario.

If possible Implement in ActiveCampaign List too. (Only if Possible, No Urgent)

Happy Holidays :tada: