Issue with "Telegram Trigger"

Hi dear friends;
In my case:
I use “Telegram Trigger” + “IF1” node in workflow 1 and also use “Telegram Trigger” + “IF2” node in workflow 2.
I have expected both workflows will be run in the same time, then both of them will check “IF” conditions and then which condition that is correct, system continue that workflow, but unfortunately when workflow 1 is run, the second workflow is not started.

Sorry, that issue can not be fixed as it has nothing to do with n8n. The problem originates in Telegram. They only do allow one webhook to be connected for each bot. As soon as a second one gets registred the old one gets removed. So you have to have all your bot-logic in one workflow.

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Another approach is to have a ‘master’ workflow for the bot, that fires different workflows depending on the trigger words.


I use this method, but unfortunately because of many if use, the nodes in far from telegram trigger is loaded so slower!?
I try to find a way to to high my bot speed response.

Yes, the workflow startup speed is a problem. This topic talks about ways to improve that in the future:

Hope we can fix that soon!

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