Jotform Error


i have made a Jotform. But the Node gives me an error:
forms. content is not iterable.

API Key is right, do you know, i have to made some settings on Jotform ?


Did you already create a form on Jotforms? Because that could be the problem that none exists yet.

Jan, yes i have. Here:

there are Logfile in n8n ?


PS: Can you change my username in the forum account ?

Or do i need a payed account at Jotform ?


i think i have the error:

    "responseCode": 301,
    "location": "",
    "message": "Your account is in EU Safe mode. Please use \"\" endpoint to get your results."

I must change the URL in N8N, to have my data in the EU. Can i do it ?


Was not aware of there are different API URLs. So the only thing that you can do for now is to try to change your account to not be in “EU Safe mode” if that is possible.

Apart from that will we add an option where people can select which API to use and then release it with the next version. Sorry.

Jan, great ! Thanks for that !

Just released [email protected] which has now the options in the credentials to define which API-Domain to use.

Great !!! Ill test this weekend