Kanboard - opensource alternative to trello


Just wondering if anyone else out there is using Kanboard? I’ve been using Trello and was looking for a free opensource alternative, which lead me to varios options, Kanboard was the one I liked the most.

I’m looking to integrate my Invoice Ninja and Kanboard to help automate processes and provide a better Customer Management System. I see that we have Invoice Ninja Triggers, just wondering how complicated it is to have that work with Kanboard.

Essentially the same actions that you have for Trello. When I create a quote in Invoice Ninja, my idea is that it creates a Card (or task as they call it in Kanboard). There is a lot more automation that I would eventually like to achieve between the two but that is the main one.


Hey @Robbie_Stevenson welcome to the community. Just added this to our backlog. We, will keep you posted.

Awesome! Or where can I learn how to do this? Considering I am quite new to programming.

Hi @Robbie_Stevenson!

Best place to start is checking out this “Creating your first basic node” guide in our docs: https://docs.n8n.io/nodes/creating-nodes/create-node.html#create-the-first-basic-node

What might help as well is taking a peek at the source code for the Trello node:

We’re currently chipping away at the docs to make them more intuitive and ultimately helpful for users, so please don’t hesitate to share your feedback if you get stuck (and also tap into the awesomely helpful peeps here on the forum).

Happy coding!


Awesome! Good idea about the trello node, I hadn’t thought of that.

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Hi, I just saw the an Invoice Ninja node has been added! Awesome!!!

Just one question, I appologize for my ignorance and if these seem like pretty basic concepts.

In invoice ninja there is an option to ‘deactivate’ a client or to delete a client. The difference being deleted is permanent and deactivated… well isn’t. Primarily, I just deactivate them because usually they return. I noticed that the trigger says ‘delete client.’ I run a chain of schools and so my students get deactivated when they don’t pay on time or miss a certain number of classes in a row… but they can always be activated again.

My knowledge of APIs is really quite limited but I assume that there is some room for editing so as to change this function? So that it doesn’t delete the registry in I.N.

My current process is this (manually):

  1. Clients fill out a Google Form
  2. We take that info and enter them into Invoice Ninja (Invoice Ninja creates a client number) and Kanboard creates a task which I can label with the same client number.
  3. From I.N. send them a quote. When they accept and pay that quote they are now an active client (student).
  4. From here on we manage all other processes through Kanboard: The status of the student, problems/tickets, documentation, etc…

What I am hoping to automate is this: Ideally, when I move a ‘task’ (student) into a certain column in Kanboard, it will tell Invoice Ninja to deactivate or activate that particular client.

Also, using the get client information function, I assume I can retrieve payment information from I.N and create a ‘note’ in that particuar ‘task’ that corresponds to that client? My doubt is… exactly how detailled can I create an API integration?

My experience using Zapier (I zapped Invoice Ninja with Rindl, a trello alternative) and I was able to create a client in Invoice Ninja and it created a card in Rindle in a specific column. The only problem was, when I changed the name of the client in IN… I didn’t see that reflect in Rindl. Therefore… I noticed that it was only a one off function… create client. So there was no syncronous communication between the programs.

I guess what I want to know is… is that possible? Just how extensive can we get?

I appreciate anyone taking the time to answer this!


Hey, @Robbie_Stevenson just to make sure we are on the same page. You said there is an option on IN to deactivate a client, I do have an account with IN but the only thing I see you can do is to archive, delete, or purge a client. When you say deactivate a client you mean archive it?

You are absolutely right! I got my names wrong. There is an option ‘archived’ but you can also purge data.

So… i just want the node/trigger to archive the clients and not delete them.

ah yes, currently it’s not supported but just tested it and it should not be difficult to add (change the customer status to either archive or active).

What I am hoping to automate is this: Ideally when I move a ‘task’ (student) into a certain column in Kanboard, it will tell Invoice Ninja to deactivate or activate that particular client.

According to the documentation I read, yes, this can be done with the Webhook node and using the Kanboard webhook event called task.move.column and of course the Invoice Ninja node that would activate or deactivate the customer depending on the column.


If you have a sandbox account I can help you put everything together.

Ricardo! You are awesome! Right now I have a team of people mucking about with my Invoice Ninja trying to get it to connect to another payment gateway called Conekta here in Mexico… they aren’t having much luck with it… so my Invoice Ninja is currently down.

Once they let me know that it is up and running I’ll get in touch.

I’ll check if I have a sandbox account for Kanboard.

@RicardoE105, The guys that I use to instal things on my server tell me that we don’t have a sandbox… I know what a sandobox is… but don’t know how or where to get one… could you recommend a sandbox or orientate me towards how to go about getting it set up?

@Robbie_Stevenson I just need access to your Kanboard instance.