Latest version 1.25.1 is executing entire Workflow when I only want to test one Node

I hit the button “Test Node” of type “Code” as I only want to test one node but it starts execution from the beginning of the Workflow.
The previous version did not have this behavior. I would usually pin the data in the previous Nodes and when i hit the “Test Node” button it would use that pinned data.

The problem is that the node that I am testing is like the node number 30 and there are multiple HTTP requests, and loops, and I really don’t want to execute them all every time I want to test one node.

Anyone else having this issue or I am doing something wrong?

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 1.25.1
  • Database (default: SQLite): cloud
  • n8n EXECUTIONS_PROCESS setting (default: own, main): no_idea
  • Running n8n via (Docker, npm, n8n cloud, desktop app): cloud
  • Operating system: cloud

Hey @Cristian_DF,

If the node needs data from the previous nodes it will run them, To make life easier you can use pinned data on nodes that make http requests and it should speed things up and let you test.

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Well, after using the latest version 1.25.1 for 3 days I can confirm that there is a bug.

I Pin all the data in all the Nodes and when I hit the button “Test Node” in ANY Node it will always always execute ALL the previous Nodes.

In the INPUT I see all the needed data, I hit “Test Node” and instead of making an instant execution, it says something like “Waiting for previous Nodes” blinking multiple times.

Maybe my Workflow got crazy :crazy_face:

Also just noticed that in this Workflow, I have 2 Nodes disconnected from each other, yet Node-2 has data from Node-1.

I attach screenshot.

The Node-1 is a newly created Node that and Execution stops there, but Node-2 although in INPUT there is no data, in the config fields it exists!

This must be related with the initial bug. Is like data stores are mixed up!

Hey @Cristian_DF,

I would expect it to execute the previous nodes if it needs to but as the data is pinned it won’t acutally make any requests.

I am not sure I am following on the second issue.

Is actually making the requests even when the data is pinned, because when I click the button “Test Node” the pined data disappears.

The second issue is that the two nodes are disconnected from each other. Usually that would mean that the green {{ … }} in the second image should be red, and the URL you can see beneath contains the correct value.

Fortunately, both issues are not critical. The only problem is that I have to wait around 1 minute to test 1 node, even when everything is pined

Hey @Cristian_DF,

That is unusual, I just gave the pinned data a test on my 1.26.0 install and it looks like when testing the pinned data node spins but the request is never actually made for me :thinking:

It could be that we have fixed something already with it or I have missed something else here.

This doesn’t happen in other Workflow same version!
It started right after changing the version. This Workflow had one issue before changing the version. I runed into an infinite loop by mistake, and couldn’t stop it. It was simply looping and the button to stop did nothing (I discovered the great value of ‘Wait’ inside loops).
So I refreshed the page and found that my entire Workspace was shut down. I was about to send you an message to request help, but after a few minutes the Dashboard came back, and I could enter my Workspace and load the Workflow, so I didn’t send any message.
Not sure if that had anything to do with current issue.

Also it could be my browser putting some kind of limitation on this tab. It used to show around 6 - 8 Gb of memory consumption and the browser was constantly glitching and blocking for a few seconds. System has 64Gb of memory, is not a lack of memory issue!
Since I have the issue this doesn’t happen, no tab above 250Mb, and browser runs smooth but I loose the pinned data, have to be constantly running the Workflow to see the data.

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