Matrix Node doesn't get excuted after Postgre-Node

I have a workflow, which send a “success message” via Matrix in the last node. Unfortunately the node is not excuted. The PostgreSQL node before calls a stored procedure with no return value.

If I disconnect the Matrix-Node or bypass the node (with Procedure-Call) and run it, it creates the message in the channel.

Ah yes. If a node does not return any output the execution stops as each node gets executed once for each item. So if there is no item, no need to keep on executing the workflow.
If you want that the node runs no matter what can that be achieved by activating “Always Output Data” underneath “Settings” (left from the Parameters) on the node. It will then automatically output an empty-item if no output-data exists to keep the workflow running.


Ah okay, thank you, it works now. Not very intuitve, if you don’t know that.