Move ClickUp task to list?

Is it possible to send a ClickUp task to a specific list?
I tried, but I don’t see that option in the dropdown. Here’s a screenshot:


Have no experience with ClickUp but in the screenshot you did post there is a parameter “List ID” is that maybe what you are looking for?

Lists and folders are different, confusingly.

But there are already parameters for both or not? There is “Folder ID” and there is “List ID”.

Correct. The issue is in the screenshot I posted earlier. There’s no operation to move the tasks.

Hey @Josh_Fialkoff!

I took a look at this, and sadly this is not possible with the ClickUp node at the moment. Can you create a feature request for this? I have found the API endpoint that you can use with the HTTP Request node while the feature gets added to the ClickUp node.

You can refer the documentation for more information.

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah sorry, now I understand. Did read the issue text where it sounded for me that you want to send a newly created task to a list. Did not see the “Move” in the title.

So @harshil1712 is to 100% correct that this functionality is currently not implemented.

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