ClickUp Integration [GOT CREATED]

ClickUp ( is a great tool for project management and planning. It’d be great to have an integration.

Hey @taylorcoffelt,

Firstly welcome to the community. Could you please elabore more on the use case you are interested in?

@taylorcoffelt have good news. The amazing @RicardoE105 did already create the integration for you. Thanks a lot!

Did just release [email protected] which includes it.


This is fantastic news! Hats off to @RicardoE105 and the n8n team! I hope more actions from the API get supported in the future.

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@ajayjohn what other actions are you interested in?

Well, it would be awesome to see more actions like…

  • (Trigger) Watch task/list/folder for status changes
  • Create/Get/Update/Delete Dependencies, Checklists Items and sub-tasks.
  • Populate custom fields custom fields when creating/updating tasks/sub-tasks.

BTW, a suggestion on the current node, if it can be taken forward…
Not all lists in ClickUp reside within folders. Lists can be created directly under spaces too. Hence, it would be good if you could make the Folder ID field in the node optional, so that we can work with Lists that don’t have a parent folder.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 4.09.20 PM

@ajayjohn I see. I did not know about that just realized there is an end point to retrieve lists that are associated with spaces and not a folder. Thanks. In the meantime set it to empty with an expression and it should work.

@ajayjohn just added support for this. Will probably be available in the next release!

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Wow, thanks! You are super fast! :sunglasses:

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One more request that I just want to leave here for your consideration…
Could you please add a provision to be able to search/filter tasks from the get all tasks call?

@ajayjohn will check it out tomorrow.

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I just finished the search. @jan would let you know when is released.

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Thanks a lot @RicardoE105!
Got released with [email protected]


@RicardoE105 @jan
Thanks a ton for the amazing support you’ll provide! Let me test it out once I get home today.

BTW, I had a response to your question yesterday typed out. Unfortunately, I think I didn’t correctly hit send and it stayed in my browser as a draft. I don’t know if it is of any use anymore, but sending it in case it helps.

Well, I think that would differ based on the use-case. Often, it would be the status field. Sometimes the assignee. Frankly, at times it could even be custom defined fields.
Since this may not be easy to implement at all, from a development perspective, maybe we could look at implementing this call instead if filtering tasks directly?

Advantage of this call is that we can create any complex filter using any built-in or custom fields to create a view directly in ClickUp. Then, using this call, we can fetch those filtered tasks. What do you think?

@RicardoE105 Thanks to your awesome efforts, I am absolutely digging n8n due to all the possibilities it offers me with ClickUp
As a side-note, I did notice that ClickUp does not offer its API specs in a swagger json form. I tried to convert the entire .apib spec into a swagger json a few months back, in order to get it working with Microsoft Flow. Here is the file, in case it helps you add more features from the API…

I am trying to learn how to add features to n8n nodes so that I can help with adding some more features like adding custom_field support to the existing create/update operations, fetching view tasks, managing checklists, etc.

@ajayjohn So cool. Every contribution is welcome. Let me know if you have any question we are happy to help.

@ajayjohn just added the custom fields support.

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You just don’t rest, do you?! :smile:
Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in, @RicardoE105.

I am hoping to spread the word about n8n in the ClickUp forums. Self hosting may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope at least some people there find it useful.


FYI The hosted version is also in the works.

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