My workflow moves constantly to the right (snake style)

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Hello ^^

I have an interesting glitch going on with all of my workflows. Each time I open them, they start fleeing my screen to the right. I saved them, duplicated them, erased my cookies, logged out and log in again, nothing seems to be able to stop them.

Any help or support possible ?

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: Cloud Version
  • **Running n8n via (Docker, npm, n8n cloud, desktop app):**Cloud
  • **Operating system:**Windows/Google Chrome

Here is a little video to show you the problem (works perfectly with a benny hill music background) ^^

Hi @Romain_Mangattale :wave: First of all, I’m sorry this is happening to you (but I definitely appreciate your humour about it :joy: )

Can’t say I’ve seen this before - can you give us some more details about what browser you’re using, and if you’re using any extensions, script blocking, and what version number that browser is? Does this happen in a different browser, if you try one?

Better laugh than cry about it ^^

So, I have disabled every extension to see if the behavior was still there and yes.

I am using Google Chrome (Version 118.0.5993.71) and I have tried on Microsoft Edge as well (Version 117.0.2045.60). I had the same behavior on my end.

I want to add as well that the behavior is only noticeable when my cursor is hovering over the window (if I remove it, the nodes stop moving).

Hopefully, I have tried on a colleague desktop and the problem was not there so it seems the issue comes from my laptop. Any idea what I should look for to disable this behavior ?

Alright, I have just opened Figma and I have the same behavior so it’s definitely not from N8N. Still, if anyone has a lead, I am open to it.

Well a good old reboot made the trick.

Thanks for the advice though !


Hi @Romain_Mangattale - thanks for mentioning it and keeping us updated with the solution!

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