Mysql connect timeout

Hi, i use the node for mysql to connect AWS aurora serverless. AWS Aurora Serverless takes a while to start up, once e in a while,the connection get failed,I tried to set a longer connection timeout, but there was no place to set it . What should I do about it?

Hey @liushengyi!

I have changed the type of the topic to Questions, since this seems more like a question than a feature. Feel free to change it back to feature if you have a feature request. :slightly_smiling_face:

I currently don’t have access to AWS Aurora Serverless. I will get back to with something soon.

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The default timeout is 10 seconds. The library we use under the hook has a Timeout property that should fix the issue. Will add this to my TODO list.

connectTimeout: The milliseconds before a timeout occurs during the initial connection to the MySQL server. (Default: 10000)

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Thanks for your reply. look forward to the next release~

I created a PR with the addition. Can you please test it locally and confirm that it fixes the problem you are having? @liushengyi

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Thanks,i tried to build it locally but i failed. could you give me a docker image?