N8n Form trigger checkboxes, field notes and images

The idea is:

Add more useful field types to the n8n Trigger Node:

  • Checkbox with true/false behavior. Currently it’s possible to do with dropdown, but it’s kinda heavy.
  • Field Note/Description - an addition to the text fields with explanation or example of what is needed to be filled there. Currently it’s possible to write that info in the field name, but the variable becomes very big
  • Image field where user can upload an image or use a drag’n’drop feature, or copy the image from the clipboard. The trigger then return it as a binary file. Actually that one is a custom case of that topic: N8n Form Trigger - Upload Files Type Field - Feature Requests - n8n, so vote there too :smiley:

Would love more options with the form trigger, so this got my vote :slight_smile:

Dynamic content could also be a great enhancement. When the trigger gets executed, another branch would be executed first, which would gather data to then be displayed in the form.
This could enable dynamic select properties for example.