N8N server down (IMAP)

My N8N server down 5-15 min later when I start workflow with EmailReadImap Node.
Does anybody knew the reason of that?

EmailReadImap (Yandex Mail) - HTTP Request (to CRM)

N8N 0.111.0 (Docker)

Hey @vasyablack!

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It might be because of the way you have deployed n8n. Did you followed the steps mentioned in the documentation?

is it posible the IMAP node read so many emails that consume all the RAM? Making the server to restar?

This seems consistent with a behaviour I’ve seen in the past, when I had >6K unread emails, however it wouldn’t always happen and it was very difficult to replicate.

I don’t think so, because there are no unread messages, when server is down. And also to check this issue I used Action: Nothing.

Yes, sure!

Issue is probably in using wrong credentials: have you made new app’s password in https://passport.yandex.ru/profile ? Relevant docs only available in russian here.

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Not work for me!
what alse?

Hello @vasyablack , in the image you attached doesn’t seem to filter by read or unread emails, so it could be that is dealing with all emails, you can try with the custom email rules