N8n via homebrew

Is there any way to add n8n to homebrew?

Welcome to the community @onlineworkflow!

I looked. Apparently yes. You can create a tap. Here the information on the homebrew page:

Unfortunately I can’t do it, as it seems like you have to be the admin of the git to initiate the process.
However, after you do it once, it updates everything going forward.

I changed the topic to feature request. We will prioritize depending on community interest.

PRs are obviously always welcome.

I’m a big fan of Homebrew, so thanks for the request!

Would be really helpful to understand your thinking on this, @onlineworkflow: is Homebrew simply the default way you try anything new out? Do you not have Node.js installed by default and it would be extra effort to figure out how to do so? Is it something else?

I think a Homebrew install could be useful for others, but just want to make sure we get a good picture of why.