Need help with Upgrade to latest stable n8n version

I am having trouble upgrading n8n from v0.188.0 to the latest stable version. I hired someone from Fiverr to do the original install in Docker and that was fine until trying to upgrade. Now I am unable to upgrade. I see mainly two ways of doing this and open to any suggestion:

  1. Upgrade current n8n instance
  2. Fresh install latest version, port over all workflows, connections, executions, etc.

Option 1 is definitely the ideal preference, if it’s possible.

Anyone around here interested in helping out? Please contact this account directly so we can figure out the terms and pay details. Thank you!


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Send you a DM. :sunglasses:

Hi, how are you?

Have you ever considered using services like Railway in order to manage your n8n installation?
It would be much easy to setup, manage and update.

Please let me know if you need any help.

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