Not accessible via UI, please run node

i’m trying to get access to env varatiables, i enabled it through N8N_BLOCK_ENV_ACCESS_IN_NODE set as false. When i go through the UI i get the error “not accessible via UI, please run node”, i dont see anything regarding this error. found in github source at I’m unsure how to get past this issue. eventually want to be able to get access to vatiables in credentials… looks like it works, just cant preview in the UI

Apperciate any assistance. Thank you.

Hey @Oreps_Dev,

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You typically won’t see the env in the UI until you have ran the node as the env option comes from the backend not the front. If you want to use variables in credentials maybe the new secrets store feature that is on the way would be what you are after unless you are using n8n as a backend and want to dynimcally select users credentials.

Thank you, love N8N. So, yea, its able to get the data, just working in the dark or have to make a test workflow to expose an env variable prior to using. This works well, everything in my latest project needs to come fron env vars as the database is cloned for test envs and do not want live credentials making its way into the test enviroment. Thanks for the help.


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