Notion - Updating Status Properties in a Database Page


I’m using Notion to track the status of various steps of our operations workflow. Some of these steps are being completed automatically with N8N. I am trying to add a final node to these N8N workflows where it will update the status in Notion show that a task is either in progress or completed.

So here’s the challenge - I’ve set up the Notion node and configured it to update the relevant database page. I’m now at the stage where I select the database properties to be updated. Usually when you select a property from the database, the Notion node will dynamically display a field where you enter the new value for the property. However, when you choose a ‘status’ type property, no field is displayed so there’s nowhere to enter a value for the property.

Has anyone else run into this issue and know of a solution?


yes I also got trouble using a status field with n8n. I have found a workaround by using select field instead of status as they are very similar.

We ended up creating a custom HTTP request. Even this was tough to get working. We figured out the problem was caused by N8N sending an old API version in the headers.

The new challenge I have to work on is that when you use the Notion node to GET a database page, it doesn’t include any of the status properties in the output.

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