Pass values to a error triger

I am having this workflow.

Currently, I am trying to pass a variable “name” from Webhook to error trigger, so I can know what name cause the error. How can I do that.

Thank you

I do not think that is possible. From the docs:

The Error Trigger node sends the actual error message thrown by the workflow. You can use this information as shown in the Example Usage section as well as send a custom error message like in the Twilio node. However, you cannot send a custom error message to the Error Trigger node.

Thank you so much for your reply. Is there any work around it ? Like save to external variable and then access the variable from sub-workflow “Set”?

It might, but I need a better understanding of your use case. I understand that the above Error trigger is associated with a workflow, and you want to be notified when an error happens in that workflow, plus the name of the node that caused the error?

Basically I am scraping multiple articles from some blogs where I mainly scrape the blog title and image URL and then send it to n8n via Webhook POST request and then send it to notion through PUSH request. Sometimes, the image URL could not be scraped successfully, resulting in causing error in Notion API, where it returns error 404. So, right now, I am trying to find a way to send the blog title (name) and image URL that cause the error to the “error trigger” where I will get instant notification by Pushover when there error happen. But sadly, I could not find the proper way to handle that.

I that case, I think you can set up an if condition to check whether the Image URL is available or not.

If available the flow should proceed further, else it should notify you.


What about if you turn “continue on fail” to true in the Notion node. Then with an IF node, check the response of the Notion node. If the response includes the error property, send the error message to Pushover, else do whatever you do when Notion responds successfully.