Password protected file

Using n8n, I am able to create a CSV file and attach it to an e-mail.
Is there a way to create a password-protected zip file?

Hi @wdb1, I am afraid the Compression node does not currently support ZIP file passwords.

If you self-host n8n you should, however, be able to work around this limitation following these steps:

  1. Write the CSV file to your file system (Write Binary File node)
  2. Use a command line tool like zip or 7zip through the Execute Command node to add the file to an encrypted zip archive
  3. Read the ZIP file from your file system with the Read Binary File node

Let me know if you run into any trouble with the above (if you do, please include your n8n and operating system version as well as information on how you run n8n, e.g. docker, desktop, npm etc.).

I have also converted this question into a feature request so other users can vote on adding password support to the Compression node and help prioritize development efforts.