Dear all,

I have used integromat and successfully fetched data from orders into zoho crm.

In n8n I do not see any prestashop module or node.

Is there anyone that has done it?, is it there any documentation on this, because I do not find anything talking about this integration in n8n docs.

Same goes for connecting SAP or SAGE with ZOHO CRM.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community @ticservei!

Yes, no such integration exists yet. So if you want to create an own node you can find some information about how to here:

Apart from that can you also check the code of similar nodes and use them as a base.

Another alternative is to use the HTTP Request node. For that to work would you have to check out the API documentation of the product you want integrate how the request has to look like exactly.

Here a blog-post about the node:

and its documentation:

Btw. for Zoho CRM a node exists already.

Well, very much appreciate it Jan!
Will have to deep dive into it, thats going to be fun and hard

Perfect to know that EVERYTHING is possible isnt it?

If I ever do it, will share it with the community

You are welcome!

We are currently working on a proper tutorial on how to create nodes. Hope we can release it soon. Will make things for sure easier, especially for people that get started with node-development.

Maybe not exactly EVERYTHING but everything that can be done with Node.js :wink:

Thanks, sounds great! Have fun!


Hi any days you could integrated prestashop? Prestashop in France is a HUGE community