Pushbullet integration [GOT CREATED]

Pushbullet is an Android app that allows users to send notifications between devices and receive them from the internet. You can also subscribe to channels to receive mobile notifications when new content is posted (much like an RSS or atom feed).

Adding Pushbullet to N8n would allow Android users to easily integrate mobile notifications to their workflow.

The API documentation is available and looks pretty good. I haven’t looked at it in details yet

I second this, I use pushbullet for some services currently and would love to send some notifications from n8n.

I also support. Maybe we can add native support for OS notification and Web Notification

Native notifications would be a topic for another suggestion. It’s possible but complicated when dealing with something that can be self hosted and not fully under the control of one developer.

@Graham_Jenkins @stenalpjolly @MinuteCode Got created. We will let you know when is released.



Got released with [email protected]

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