PushBullet integration using "Execute Command" node

As you may know, n8n doesn’t have PushBullet yet but that doesn’t stop you from creating a PushBullet integration using “Execute Command” node

For example, I am using PushBullet notifications in a workflow like this, at the end of the workflow process, so I can be notified when a workflow has done its job

There are multiple ways of creating this PushBullet integration:

  1. using CURL executed on the server
  2. using Python and additional “Pushbullet CLI interface”

In both ways, you need to create “Execute Command” node first

Using CURL

In node configuration, set command parameter to something like this

curl --silent -u """YOUR_PUSHBULLET_TOKEN"":" -d type="note" -d body="Your message goes here" -d title="Title of the message" 'https://api.pushbullet.com/v2/pushes'


Using Python and additional "Pushbullet CLI interface"

  • Install Python on the server if you don’t already have it

  • Install “Pushbullet CLI interface” package from the following URL

  • set command in the “Execute Command” node to something like this

    pb push -d 0 -t "Title of message" "test message"


Either way you choose to follow, you will be able to integrate PushBullet and use it in your workflow

Hope someone will find this handy and helpful :blush:


Why would you use Execute Command? This can also been done directly in N8N via an http request. Saves you a trip to your server and the hassle of installing stuff.

I use http request for PushOver b.t.w.

There are multiple ways of doing this

This is my way. I am good in installing 3rd party solutions and I used PB long before I started to use n8n

Please provide your solution and help community to prosper

Thank you!

Relax! :wink:

I just wanted to say there was another, more straightforward (if I’m allowed to say so) solution. N8N offers multiple ways to achieve the same result. And for the record, I did already help the community. No need to tell me that. But thanks anyway.

And for the curious ones, this is the way i did it (for Pushover) with an HTTP Request-node.

Of course you are allowed to say. That is expected from community members

Thank you for your screenshot

Maybe you can create new topic with little longer tutorial?

Thanks @mihha and @vco1! I love to the different paths people take to come to the same destination! We all tend to lean on our own specific skills and set of experiences and this allows us to view a problem or challenge with our own unique perspective (When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!).

This is why I love the n8n community as it allows us to build on our experience base by seeing how others resolved an issue, making everyone stronger and more confident in their own abilities!