Restart Workflow From Specific Node

Hi there, is there a way to restart a currently running workflow from a failed node?

For example, if I have a manual workflow that’s using the “Start” node (Node A -> Node B -> Node C -> Node D), and Node A completes successfully but Node B fails. Could I then either restart Node B (and continue the workflow) or skip Node B and start the workflow at Node C (which goes on to Node D)?


Yes, if you save failed executions like described here you can do that:

You simply have to open the past executions via the button on the left side. There you will then see a list of all successful and failed executions. The failed ones will have a “retry” button right next to their status “Error”. If you click on it you can choose between two options:

Retry with currently saved workflow: It will run the workflow as it is currently saved. Meaning if you made any changes since the original execution to nodes after the last successfully executed one (lets say you fixed a wrong expression) it will use the new ones. It is also possible to add new nodes (but only after the last successfully executed one). You, however, have to be careful in complicated flows like if they have loops and only part of it got executed. It will probably mess that up. But with regular linear-workflows, it should simply work fine.

Retry with original workflow: Simply runs it again with exactly the workflow how it was saved at the time of the execution (even if it got changed in the meantime). This is what you would want if something external was the problem like an API you did use was down.

But all of that is only for “active” workflows. If you are in the Editor-UI and you run a workflow manually, you should be able to simply change the workflow and then press the “play” button (the one that appears on top of the node if you hover) on a specific node which comes after the failed node. It should then reuse the data of all previously successfully executed nodes and run the failed one again.

Hey @jan, thanks for getting back to me. I’m using n8n mainly as a manual workflow automator and it seems that hitting the “play” button above the failed node only runs that particular node and does not continue the workflow. I was curious if there was a way to fix a failure and have the workflow continue onward. Thanks again!

The only way to do that right now is to press play on the last node of the workflow. It should then only execute between the last successfully executed node and the one you did press “play” on.